We live in a visual world where beautiful photography is one of the most important parts of building your brand and your business. No one wants to buy something from an unrelatable photo, bad lighting or poor composition. Lack of story and context all have an impact on the effectiveness of your brand presence.

As we develop your content strategy, I help you to visually communicate your brand and grow your business with a clear message, cohesive visuals and strong brand presence.

Professional images help with customer satisfaction and experience through correct item colors, views of the item from all sides and a more streamlined website with all images in the same ratio for easy scrolling.

My most popular offerings are available on custom frequency contracts so you have a continual clear plan for content marketing with beautiful visuals.

Weekly photography contracts start at $175 per hour.


My goal is to make sharing your brand easy with a cohesive professional appearance.

   In addition to weekly, monthly and seasonal photography contracts, you can add-on content creation that gives you a full use of your custom visuals to attract and engage your customer base to deepen trust, communication and brand identity.

An effective website will successfully showcase your brand identity, communicating both what you do and who you are. From headers and menus, to products and staff spotlights, to blog posts and email newsletters, I make sure your visual message is cohesive and clear to your target demographic.

Content, marketing, web design and business growth contracts start at $30 per hour for clients already on a photography contract.

Think of me as your idea generating business partner with only one goal in mind: to beautifully sell your goods!